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MockMaker is a program for creating source code for mock object classes. Given an interface, it writes the source code for a mock object class that implements the interface and allows instances of that class to have expectations set about how many times a method is called, what parameters each method is called with, and to pre-set return values for methods. In many cases (possibly most cases), the classes produced by MockMaker are exactly what you want a mock class to do.

MockMaker is available only under the terms of the license agreement..

MockMaker has been tried on Windows 98 using Sun's JDK1.3, and should work with other versions of Java > 1.1. There is absolutely no warranty whatsoever (see license agreement ); it might work on those or other platforms.

Latest News

Date News
15th July 2002

Mockmaker 1.11.0 released / Eclipse plugin released

Eclipse plugin beta has been released thanks to Paolo Polce.

A patch from Knut Wannenheden allows you to specify file output via a command line parameter - useful when it's not possible to redirect stdout. (Request: 478658)

The project now uses CVS on sourceforge, anonymous readonly CVS access is now available to all.

Ant build files are now included for both the main MockMaker project and the Eclipse plugin (in the CVS modules)

The file has been corrected to resolve problems under Unix. (Bug: 548477)

16th April 2002

Mockmaker 1.10 released.

Imports statements generated in all mock objects thanks to Salman Malik.

Fixes for class based Mocks. Mocks generated from classes should compile 'out of the box' thanks to Ivan Moore.
8th April 2002

Mocks based on classes Ivan Moore has submitted a fix for both the known bugs. This will be included in the next release.

VisualAge plugin needs some documentation and then this will be available for download.
Eclipse Plugin has been started by Paolo Polce. We are planning on making a beta release available soon.
23rd March 2002

Mockmaker 1.09 released.

Mockmaker can now create mocks based on classes. There are a couple of known issues - see release notes. Patch submitted by Ivan Moore.
3rd March 2002 Started integration of patches from Miles Daffin, Henrik Karlsson and Graham Bygrave.
2nd March 2002 Initial work on new MockMaker website completed
19th Feburary 2002 Ivan Moore hands over administration of Mockmaker project to Matthew Cooke (me!)