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Eclipse Plugin

(c)2002 Paolo Polce, Matthew Cooke

v1.12 released on Oct, 20th 2002

The perfect tool for Eclipse users. This plugin will make mockmaker very easy to use.

MockMakerEclipsePlugin has been tried on Windows 2000 and Linux with Eclipse 2.0.1

Download it here:

Things you have to know to understand what this is all about...

This document assumes you are familiar with Object Oriented Programming, that you know what MockObjects are and that you are using Eclipse.

The Eclipse Platform is (c) Copyright IBM Corp. and others 2000, 2002. All rights reserved.

Please refer to for further informations about eclipse.

How to use it

The first sensible thing to do is to download it. Once you have your, just unpack it to the eclipse/plugin folder

Then exit and relaunch eclipse.

Open the java browsing perspective, right click on an interface or a class and you will see a mockmaker menu in the pulldown, as shown here:

Once there, choose the package you want the mockobject to be created in

Press ok and the MockObject will be generated...

How to customise it

You can change the output mockmaker generates, by going to the Eclipse Preferences page:

There you'll see a page where you can configure the output