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JBuilder Plugin

This plugin (suprisingly) allows for integration with the JBuilder IDE.

Note: This plugin will be updated soon to use the latest version of the MockMaker classes.

How to use it

To install the MockMaker JBuilder plugin, drop mockmaker_jb_plugin.jar in JBuilder's /lib/ext/ directory.

To run MockMaker, select "MockMaker" from the "Tools" menu. This launches a GUI from where you can chose the .class file of the interface that you want to create a Mock implementation for, and the Mock implementation source file to write to.

You are recommended to also read the README for the non-JBuilder integration version of MockMaker. NOTE, however, that the file mockmaker.cfg is included in mockmaker_jb_plugin.jar so cannot be modified so easily.

MockMaker was written by Ivan Moore with contributions from Scott Vlaminck and Henrik Karlsson.